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Donate to SEI!

SEI is a free, continuously developed, game. Because we are a free game, maintaining and updating the game is much more difficult than a traditional pay to play game. As we grow we must purchase hardware, software, hosting and other general maintenance items.

We ask that, if you can, please donate via PayPal. Donators receive no advertisements within the game upon reaching donation level 5 (1 donation level is gained for ever $1.00 USD donated) and occasional special awards and/or features. Any amount large or small helps.

We are strongly committed to keeping SEI free to play and as such free accounts are balanced with Donator accounts. At the moment we do not have recurring subscriptions and even a one time donation can help us greatly while forever marking your account as a Donator.

Thanks to all of our players and staff that have helped keep SEI alive and growing.

Note: If you pay using an email that is different that your account email then please message Milo in-game after donating to make sure you get credit. Please allow up to 48 hours for credit to be applied.

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