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Game Time: 25 Mar - 05:04
Players: 41


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Milo : Global Admin | Lead Developer
Maybug : Global Admin
    Special Thanks To:
FlyJedi : Original Owner of SEI, Founder of Infinium Games. Without Fly SEI would not exist.
Faustus : Developed SEI for years after FlyJedi, we owe him a lot of thanks for his hard work
Eek : Developed SEI for a short time after Faustus. We thank him espeically for the addition of factions and NPC's.
Reue : Former Global Admin
Nick : Former Global Admin
Dark Fire Soldier : Former Game Admin
Fuzzbuzz : Helping with NPC designs and story development
Gaz : Generous Donations
cfoo : Infinium Title / Moral Support
Piwosz : Absentee Beer Swiller
Bobbus : Being generally awesome
Licker : Temporarily Hosting SEI during a tough spot, many thanks.
Spider_Mike : Concept Races
Petar : Original Multiverse Generation, Face Designer and misc other help.
Getran : Preliminary Upload Script & Splash Screen Images
Artenis : Image Support
Deception : Ship Meshes and Imagery
GT : Splash Screen Image & Constructive Criticism
Edd Barrett : Supplemental code provided by, Many Thanks
. . .and all other Supporters of SEI (monetary or otherwise). . .
    The Original Solar Empire:

Solar Empire Infinium is an actively developed closed source creation based on the original Solar Empire game created by Bryan Livingston with additional programming by Rob Hardy and Randee Shirts.

While we have progressed beyond the original game concept we owe a great debt of gratitude to the following people:

Open Source programming by: Moriarty, DJCapelis (possibly), Maugrim The Reaper (Original Blackmarkets), KilerCris, TheRumour, Semicolon (Original Autowarp).
Patrick (Maugrim the Reaper) for the opening story.
Eric Hamilton for initial inspiration.

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